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03/23/2013 1:40pm

Is fact checking during debates always relevant?
I think fact checking groups like Politico are not trustworthy, because they can be cover ups for some politicians. Bill Adair of PolitiFacts said "our mission is to inform readers, not change the behavior of politicians. I believe this is not true, because people can easily change their opinion about a certain politician, and all because of a fact checker that might not be telling the truth. Romney said that it took President Obama 14 days to call the attack on U.S. consulate in Beghazi, Lybia, an "act of terror." Candy Crowley from CNN, told Romney that Obama had, in fact, called it an act of terror. I believe Crowley was covering up for Romney, which is very unfair to do. However, Obama said " It did as well take two or three weeks or so for the whole idea of there being a riot there about this tape to come out. He never called the attack an "act of terror," like Crowley said he did. Adair from PolitiFacts said that in the future, they can easily fact check through a crawl on the screen. I believe this is useless, because like All Politics said, " the candidates already know that they are going to be fact-checked, so this wouldn't make a difference. Candidates seem to not care who is watching them, they will say what they want to say. No matter if what they say is true or false.

03/23/2013 1:56pm

How to deal with college?
College determines who you will really be throughout your life. If you want a good job that will pay you a lot of money, then go to college. College is hard, but there are certain ways to handle it. I am a strategic learner, who aims for top grades rather than true understanding. Being a stratrategic learner is not good in college because once you get a job after college, you have to know what you are doing. The book " What The Best College Student Do" has some good secrets to do good in college. The most important advice from the book for me, is to ask big questions. Never be afraid to ask questions about something you don't clearly understand. If you don't know what is going on, you might start failing your class. Get comfortable with failing. is another good advice. Everybody makes mistakes, because nobody is perfect. When you do make mistakes, learn from them and make things better than before. Pursue passion, not A's is another great advice. Meaning that you have to make sure, that what you study in college is what you like and enjoy learning about. If you don't you will most likely get bored with college and give up.

Olantha M2
03/25/2013 7:47am

I can relate to these sources because I'm a senior in high school and will be entering college in 2013 fall semester. The ideals expressed in each selection give you some idea of what to expect once you go to college. The book, ' What the Best College Student Do' by Ken Bain is interesting to all seniors in high school who are going to college or thinking about going to college. In the book Mr. Bain draws a roadmap for students so they can get the most out of college no matter where a student want to go for college there still have the same concept. I'm confused about "Pursue; Passion, not A's" because in high school which is getting us prepare for college teacher tell student grades are the most important thing! In college its different, college is more about curiosity, interest, and fascination not good grades even though you did need good grades to keep your scholarships or to stay in college that semester.
I can apply all of these “secrets" to my mind set of what to expect once I'm in college and key ideals of what to do in college.


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