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03/25/2013 7:33am

I like this article because it helps me see that politicians know that they have ways of checking their lies but still lie. I feel that the first sentence in this article is exactly what I was thinking when I first read this article. The first sentence says, " Just because there's more fact checking, doesn’t mean there’s more truth telling" which I agree with. Why do politicians still lie after knowing there’s fact checking?
In the middle of this article line 21; I think the ideal of a twitter stream on TV would be a good ideal for those who watch the political debate on TV but don’t really know whets begin said. People will no longer just hear a claim but they will have the opportunity look up the truth. The ideal of splitting the debate into three segments with facts checking intermission is also a good way to see who more for the people then the other politician is and who better express the same ideal of the people.
The ideal of the fact checking movement is starting to shift journalism away I feel is true. Journalism will no longer be he said she said stories because the people will want to hear the actual truth and stop reading the columns.


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